Growth Mindset Training to Unlock Your Child's Full Potential and Confidence

For 9 to 18-year-olds, embracing challenges, excelling in tasks they once found daunting, and experiencing remarkable progress in communication and self-awareness

Growth Mindset Training to Unlock Your Child's Full Potential and Confidence

For 9 to 18-year-olds, embracing challenges, excelling in tasks they once found daunting, and experiencing remarkable progress in communication and self-awareness.

Our dedicated team includes Mrs. M. Kuijper, a parent, communication specialist, and growth mindset coach. and Drs. N. Gorré, a parent, cultural anthropologist/researcher-lecturer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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"Previously, my child often expressed frustration, admitting that she didn't believe she excelled in certain areas.

However, after completing the online growth mindset training she is able to reframe negative thoughts and embrace positive self-talk for personal growth and development."

Scientific research confirms that self-confidence and social-emotional skills can be nurtured and cultivated, paving the way to happiness

Teaching a growth mindset leads to passion, dedication, & persistency
Passion, dedication and persistence count the most when children are cultivating their intelligence and talents. 
Carol Dweck - Stanford psychology Professor 
A growth mindset leads to perseverance 
Teaching children the benefits of failure and how to respond to setbacks enhances both motivation and the quality of learning.
Blackwell, Trzesniewski, & Dweck
The World Bank supports developing a growth mindset in schools
As quoted in the World Bank report, providing growth mindset training is “a low-cost, high-impact intervention, it not only promises sustainable and impactful results at the school level, but has potential implications for when students enter the labor market.”
Forbes, Charles Towers-Clark
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Unlimited Lifetime Access to the Empowering Growth Mindset Training to Unlock Your Child's Full Potential and Confidence
Get ready for fast and tangible results in your child's growth and mindset! Experience a game-changing journey that lasts a lifetime for a fraction of the cost of tutoring, sports, hobbies, gaming or entertainment subscriptions. 

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What you get: 

Captivating Video & Podcast Lectures

✅ Mastering Fear

✅ The Optimist

✅ Manifest Your Dreams

✅ Explore Your Superpowers

✅ Setting and Achieving Your Goals

➕ Plus more

Downloadable Fun Assignments

✅ Good things Diary

✅ Self-Recognition & Rewards

✅ Motivation Tools

✅ Enhancing Focus

✅ Tools for Positive Self-Talk and Positive Thinking➕ Plus more

Life Changing

Bonus Material

✅ Meditation Training

✅ Learning how to learn✅ Being flexible in dealing with Changes and Setbacks ✅ Life tips from experts and inspirational people✅ Concentration Training

➕ Plus more

Supporting material
for parents

✅ Parenting for Self-Confidence

✅ The Power of Words 

➕ Plus more

Our 3-Step Strategy

We've harnessed the power of social psychology, clinical psychology, positive psychology, and top-notch communication training to forge an innovative path forward. Our tried-and-true 3-step strategy, releases a tidal wave of positivity, empowering children with unwavering confidence. 



Uncover Inner Strengths and Talents: In this foundational step we guide your child on a journey of self-discovery, helping them uncover their unique strengths and talents. By developing emotional intelligence which lays the foundation for their remarkable journey of personal growth.



Empower with an Individual Mindset: Step two nurtures your child's goal-oriented mindset, teaching them to set intentions and take focused action. We cultivate a solution-oriented approach, helping them overcome challenges and embrace their innate power for confident progress.



Harmonious Transformation: In the final step, your child undergoes a profound transformation, gaining self-assurance to tackle daily challenges with resilience and adaptability. They'll navigate any situation with grace and confidence, embracing a harmonious approach to life.

"My child lacks confidence in their abilities, often remaining silent and refraining from active participation in class."

What parents are saying

Following her attendance at the 'Mastering Fear' videocollege, my nine-year-old underwent a remarkable transformation. She approached me with newfound calmness, expressing how relaxed she felt after practicing the exercises. The lectures profound positive impact on her well-being and communication is undeniable.
Suzan A.

Initially, I focused on my ten-year-old's academic success, but the online growth mindset training made me realize the importance of broader social and emotional growth. Her remarkable progress in communication, self-awareness, and fearlessness in facing challenges has been truly remarkable.


The Benefits

1. Optimal Learning with Minimal Effort

Our lectures are conveniently divided into bite sized, 5 to 8-minute portions, ensuring your child makes the most of their time. Filled with helpful tools, examples, tips, and hands-on assignments, our fast-paced approach optimizes concept retention. They have full access and the flexibility to choose and switch between engaging podcast or video lectures at any time. 

2. Simple, Flexible and Structured Learning

Gain access to weekly video lectures and podcasts to create a structured learning journey for 20 weeks. Carefully curated and thoughtfully organized, this content is released to supercharge your child's educational and personal growth. Through lifetime access, the training can be repeated as often as you wish.

3. Lifetime Access

Benefit from lifetime access to enriching videos and podcasts in your child's personalized environment. Let them absorb knowledge at their own pace and apply it to their individual growth journey.

4. Cultivating Lifelong Skills

Through our training, we inspire children to develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, and resilience. As a result, you'll see success flourish in academics, relationships, career, and personal fulfillment.

What participants are saying

When I started the training, I was skeptical. I didn't feel like having to learn something new again. Fortunately, the training doesn't feel like an obligation. It has changed my perspective on how I approach certain things. I haven't finished all the training yet, but I'm already very happy.

Experience the positive impact on your child's well-being and communication – start today for a newfound sense of calmness and relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the lectures suitable for?

Our specially crafted lectures are a perfect match for curious minds between the ages of 9 and 18. But guess what? Adults can also join in on the fun and gain valuable insights! These engaging lectures are thoughtfully designed for young learners to actively participate without relying on caregiver assistance, to explore, discover, and learn independently!

How can I make a payment?

Go to our checkout page. Here, you can make your payment. We accept payments through iDeal, PayPal, or Credit Card for your convenience.

How soon can my child get started?

Once we have received the payment, we will proceed to verify your subscription. Subsequently, you will receive login credentials, enabling your child to commence immediately.

How does the cancellation process work?

You have a 30-day trial period to try out the program. If it doesn't meet your needs, simply cancel by sending us an email, and you will receive a full refund within a week - no questions asked.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

You have a 30-day trial period to try out the program. If it doesn't meet your needs or you're not satisfied, simply cancel and receive a full refund within a week - no questions asked.

Can my child also receive one-on-one guidance?

Although we don't provide one-on-one coaching, our meticulously crafted program offers personalized and efficient learning experiences to help your child establish a strong foundation for growth and development.

Is this training based as relevant and or viable and successful for children with autism and ADHD?

Our Growth Mindset Training is inclusive and suitable for all children, including those with ADHD or autism. It emphasizes self-awareness and emotional regulation, providing valuable support to children with ADHD or autism. Through mindfulness exercises and cognitive training, it enhances executive functions, benefiting both groups. It's important to note that the extent of each child's benefit from our training will vary based on their unique needs, commitment, and how the training is customized to their specific situation. The training programs are safe and designed for children as young as 9 to undertake independently. However, especially in special cases like these, it's advisable to approach the training with careful consideration of the child's specific needs and to provide guidance as a guardian or parent.

Unlock your child's potential for personal growth and development! Transform frustration into empowerment as they embrace positive self-talk.

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Try it for 30 days risk free